Nowadays, Virtual Data Room is well-recognized all over the world. Transactions are becoming increasingly more complicated.  Deals involve numerous participants who need access to an escalating number of documents at any given stage of the deal.  This creates a huge administrative burden on lawyers, bankers and companies driving cost up and slowing down execution.

Virtual Data Room (VDR) can provide all authorized users with a highly secure on-line solutions and configurable.  It helps optimize all stages of the deal cycle.  From idea marketing to post closing, with our Virtual Data Room, you can easily and securely share information with potential investors and partners.

  • An exclusively online solution allowing access by many users simultaneously
  • Document access levels selectively allow/ disallow access to folders or documents according to user permissions
  • Significant time and cost savings: no travel and accommodation costs
  • Secure, online Banking-Style login with inactivity timeout
  • Real-time deal intelligence
  • 24 hours 7 days over the allowed service period and technical support.  Specialist deal coordinator assigned to each project