Printing and Media Team

With more than 40 years of experience in the printing industry since the 1970s, the GenNex print team makes up Hong Kong’s pioneering first generation of financial printers, comprising a strong core of over 100 dedicated top-notch professionals. They are trusted for their first rate end-product quality in the financial printing industry. They also have the capacity and technologies for large-scale printing projects and were the first in the Territory to adopt the CTP system for one-stop servicing of pre-print processes in line with the latest technological advances. The print team has also recently introduced the GMG colour management system that provides electronic colour proof printouts with output colours that are 95% similar to the original print data. This allows for direct approval of electronic proofs without having to wait for print sheets. Our impressive technological capabilities have allowed us to produce a wide range of world-class, award-winning masterpieces. Our print team’s facilities are also among the very few printers in Hong Kong, equipped with in-house digital printing and binding facilities in addition to cutting-edge offset printing equipment. The print team has also earned Chain–of–Custody (CoC) certification based on FSC standards, which allow us to attach the FSC logo to all forest-based printed output. They are also experts at helping your company with production crisis management. Armed with our strong logistics and distribution support teams, we ensure on-time distribution even during peak seasons. All printed materials are 100% produced in Hong Kong under an eagle-eyed gatekeeper to ensure complete accuracy and top class quality control.