*Brilliant performance in the 2022 ARC Awards*

*Brilliant performance in the 2022 ARC Awards*

The academy awards of annual reports are globally recognized with about 2,400 entries from more than 30 countries competed. The international competition is a platform for the highest standards in the annual report industry.


In the 2022 ARC Awards competition, GenNex has won up to 47 awards, including 16 Gold Awards, 4 Silver Awards, 18 Bronze Awards and 9 Honor Awards.


Over and above that, "Fortune REIT Annual Report 21 “is one of the yearly remarkable annual report produced by GenNex. It is being the contender Grand Award for Best of Cover Design, Best of Illustrations, Best of Financial Data and Best of Printing & Production. In the classification competition, "Fortune REIT Annual Report 21 “also has won 8 gold awards, 2 silver awards, and 3 bronze awards, showing the excellent production performance and contenders for the Grands.


The experience and trust has made GenNex among the most sought-after financial printers in the business.


GenNex is being the only award winning financial printer in Hong Kong and the Only Judge of the ARA Competition from Hong Kong

Over the years, GenNex has participated in numerous annual reports related competitions around the world, and has repeatedly achieved good results, demonstrating its outstanding achievements in the field of annual report design.

The Australasian Reporting Awards 2022 (ARA Awards), GenNex has won 1 Gold Award, 2 Silver Awards, 3 Bronze Awards and the winner of 2022 Best First Time Entry Award. It was also the finalist of the 2022 Best Cover Design Award.


With over 70 years of history, not only does ARA aim to improve the quality of financial report in Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific region, it also focuses on sustainability and integrated reporting. GenNex hopes to promote the annual reports and even the brands of our clients to the international market by engaging in annual report competitions worldwide. Staying intrepidity in participating global annual report competitions, GenNex is able to keep abreast of the latest market trend, thereby fulfilling our clients’ professional needs in the production of financial and business reports.


Child Development Initiative Alliance, CDIA

GenNex is honored to be able to participate in the Youth Work Explorer Program.

This program will help CDIA (Child Development Initiative Alliance) design the future direction of youth development and education, and recommend policies to further enhance the society's attention and awareness of the issue of nurturing youth.

GenNex Financial Media Ltd. has always been enthusiastic about youth development.

We do grateful for the opportunity that can have more different channel to connect with the teens and learn more about youth development.

Youth Work Explorer Program.

GenNex awarded the Green Office and Eco-Healthy Workplace Awards Labeling Scheme

GenNex Financial Media Limited is pleased to announce that we have proudly attained the achievement in the Green Office and Eco-Healthy Workplace Awards Labeling Scheme (Spring 2019) trophy by the World Green Organisation to recognize and honor GenNex’s efforts in the green workplace. It is the fourth year to reward this achievement. GenNex continuously promote environmental protection and sustainability knowledge in order to facilitate our employees to improve our office environment with a positive attitude. Being awarded in this scheme, it is extremely honored that our contribution are highly recognized. As always, we will always deliver the highest value to ensure the physical and mental health of our employees and enhance our productivity and competitiveness.

GenNex Gloried Victory at the “Oscars” of Financial Printing Industry by Winning 67 Trophies at the 31st ARC International Awards Ceremony

GenNex has showed its unparalleled capability at the “Oscars” of Financial Printing Industry in 2017. At the 31st ARC International Awards Ceremony, GenNex, with excellent design of annual reports, has successfully gained world-wide recognition with its award-winning performance.

The “Oscar”, i.e., the 31st ARC International Awards Ceremony, was just rounded off, at which GenNex gloried victory by winning 67 trophies including: “2017 BEST OF SHOW”, “2017 PLATINUM ACHIEVEMENT AWARD”, “2017 BEST OF HONG KONG”, “GRAND AWARD- BEST OF COVER DESIGN (UNIQUE PRESENTATION)”, “GRAND AWARD-BEST OF INTERIOR DESIGN (UNIQUE PRESENTATION)”, “GRAND AWARD- BEST OF NON-TRADITIONAL ANNUAL REPORTS”, etc., enabling GenNex to leapfrog and become an internationally renowned financial media.

GenNex Financial Media Limited launches an e-investor relations platform - GenNexIR

GenNex Financial Media Limited launches GenNexIR, an innovative, effective and interactive e-investor relations platform tailor-made for listed companies.

Website: www.gennexir.com

Winning of 55 awards in the 30th ARC Awards & 2015 Vision Awards

We take great pride in winning a total of 55 awards in recent annual report competitions- 27 awards in the 30th International ARC Awards and 28 Awards in the 2015 Vision Awards - including one ARC Competition Grand Award “The Best of Cover Design”.

GenNex was awarded as the Caring Company 2015/2016

GenNex Financial Media Limited is delighted to announce that we have proudly attained the achievement in the Caring Company Scheme 2015/2016. The Caring Company Certificate is awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, in recognition of our commitment in caring for our clients, employees, community and environment over the past years. It is extremely honored that our meticulous attitude and the service we provided are highly recognized. As always, we will continuously deliver the highest value to our clients with our excellent service, care for our clients, employees and community in every possible way.

GenNex wishes you every success in the year of the monkey

Please accept our rich blessing for great success and good health in the year of the monkey 

GenNex wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

GenNex Financial Media Limited would like to thank you all for the continued support which has made 2015 such a wonderful year.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Winning of 44 awards in the 29th ARC Awards & 2014 Vision Awards

We take great pride in winning a total of 44 awards in recent annual report competitions- 27 awards in the 29th International ARC Awards and 17 Awards in the 2014 Vision Awards. 

Covered with Glory, GenNex was honoured with the 2015 ARC Titanium Achievement Award

The ARC Titanium Awards is rewarded to the financial printer with the greatest percentage of wins on behalf of their client. With our outstanding and glamorous design, We, GenNex financial Media Limited, are proudly to be the BEST in this category. 

GenNex Office Expansion Cocktail Reception

On 21st Aug 2015, GenNex Financial Media Limited celebrated its office expansion at the Landmark with hundreds of valued clients and partners.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner. GenNex wishes you and your family health, happiness and a wonderful one. 

The ideal place to host AGMs 

Choosing the right place with limited budget for Annual General Meetings (AGMs) or corporate events is not an easy task thanks for the costly hotels’ packages. Nevertheless, at GenNex, you could get what you want. Our new office provides 9 spacious and stylish conference rooms which accommodate up to 160 guests. We offer a complete array of advanced and diverse technologies to meet your business needs within your price range. 

Great performance at the 25th Astrid Awards

To showcase our talent in design communication, GenNex has won 4 awards at the 25th Annual Astrid Awards competition, honoring excellence and innovation in design. 

GenNex splashed with creativity by receiving 10 awards

GenNex has been splashing our creativity all over in making quality annual reports. Whether you're looking for world-class design or excellent customer service, GenNex is always at your service. After receiving the Top Service Brand Awards in the auspicious Year of the Goat, we can’t wait to share another good news with you. We have won 10 awards in 2014/15 Mercury Awards which honors outstanding achievement in professional communication!

GenNex attained Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards

GenNex Financial Media Limited is pleased to announce that we won the 2014 Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, in recognition of its outstanding achievements in service quality. 
Jointly organized by the Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers ‘Association of Hong Kong, “2014 Brand Awards” aims to give recognition to outstanding service brand names established by Hong Kong companies.

The auspicious year of the Goat

Please accept our sincere wishes for an enriching and joyful year of the goat!

GenNex recorded a sharp 50% increase in clientele in a year! 

As a leading financial printer, our reservoirs of elites together provided widely acclaimed financial printing services. In the past two years, we are delighted that our unceasing efforts are greatly appreciated and we have built a good rapport with over 300 investment banks, listed companies and law firms. It is our great honor to become their trusted and reliable financial printer!

A record-breaking 73 awards in 2014 

A record-breaking year for GenNex! We are thrilled and honored to receive a dazzling array of 73 awards in 2014 global competitions including ARC Awards, Astrid Awards, Galaxy Awards, Mercury Awards and LACP Vision Awards, which recognize excellence in design and world-class achievement in annual reports. With an increase of more than 300% over last year’s number of awards, we feel proud to witness our award winning works reaching an international standard of excellence

The 28th ARC Awards Ceremony- Celebration of “Oscar” Evening


GenNex Financial Media Limited is invited to the 28th ARC Awards Ceremony to celebrate “Oscar” evening at the most representative awards competition in the annual report industry.
We are honored to be counted as one of the world-class winners and this encouraging performance would never be possible without your trust and support. We promise to express our appreciation by upholding impeccable quality services.

GenNex's Advance Services: Annual Report Apps & E-books

Prefer reviewing annual reports anywhere, anytime on your handy devices? It’s no longer a restriction for all shareholders. GenNex Financial Media Limited always comes across innovative ideas to impress our clients. We recently have helped Next Media Limited in launching a revolutionary one-of-a kind annual report app and e-book.

GenNex shares joy of Mid-Autumn Festival with you 
May you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Mid-Autumn Festival! 

Our unique work and dedication shines through
Our unique work and dedication shines through! We take great pride in winning a total of 46 awards in recent annual report competitions. Our award-winning work is proof positive of exceptional work, winning international accolade

The most prestigious recognition- 3 Grand Awards captured

Over 570 entries and 14 countries over the world, GenNex is honorably recognized for its creative excellence and innovation design as a Grand Award Winner in the 24th Annual Astrid Awards competition. 

GenNex achieved a glorious victory in 24th Astrid Awards

GenNex is centered on the extraordinary creativity of the financial profession. We garnered 7 awards in 24th Annual Astrid Awards and the good news will keep coming with your committed support. 

GenNex ushers in 2014 with first accomplishment

We explore ways to surpass the expectations of our clients as we value creativity, innovation and originality. To embrace 2014 with a splendid triumph – Capturing 12 Awards in 27th Mercury Awards & 2012/13 LACP Vision Awards. We are poised for another victory.

A Revolutionary breakthrough of Publication of Printing Effect Guide

In our bright 2014, we are leading to a new era of financial printing profession- A revolutionary breakthrough of the publication of Printing Effect Guide. A well-designed masterpiece comprises of various printing effects with story-telling of thriving prosperity of different industries in Hong Kong.

Season’s Greetings from GenNex

At this happy time, we cordially wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year!

A fruitful year of GenNex in 2013

We would like to express sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation for the loyalty and trust you have reposed in us in 2013. Your support has contributed enormously to our success and we promise to reach new heights next year. 

GenNex New Office Establishment in Beijing

GenNex is pleased to announce our establishment of Beijing office. Our further expansion of local network in Greater China goes in line with our global financial publishing strategy. The office expansion comes as a result of significant growth in our clientele.

Proudly capturing 1 Grand Award & 4 Golds in 24th Galaxy Awards

GenNex takes pride in winning the Grand Award in 24th International Galaxy Awards for Annual Report design among 18 countries. Our Grand Award winning book has successfully created buzz and publicity. Please CLICK HERE to review Apple Daily online news in reporting the winning piece. In this competition, we captured 8 awards including 1 Grand Award, 4 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Honors.

GenNex "Oscar" moment in ARC Gala 

Our CEO & ED, Ms. Corrin Chan, being honorably invited to 2013 ARC Gala and celebrated the stellar achievements with top industry professionals. The Gala highlighted the success of GenNex as a first timer to participate the world recognized annual report competition.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

GenNex wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Mid-Autumn Festival.

GenNex is Growing in Full Swing

Thanks to your trust and support, GenNex has achieved a rapid growth of 470% in our clientele since Nov 2012. Over 100 listed companies, 70 investment banks and law firms have made us their trusted partners. The opening of Shanghai branch in Mar 2013 has signified our development. Our latest achievements of a total of 14 international awards in ARC Awards and Astrid Awards have further acknowledged us as the world‘s absolute best.

GenNex first entry into 27th International ARC Awards with Stunning Achievements!

GenNex proudly share with you the stunning achievements in 27th International ARC Awards. It is a competition recognized worldwide for high quality annual reports. We, as a first timer of this competition, are honored to receive 12 awards among 2,260 entries from 34 countries.
We extend our thanks to all of you and we appreciate your undeviating support and confidence in us. 

Outstanding Achievement in 23rd International ASTRID Awards

GenNex is pleased to share with you our latest success in 2013 Astrid Awards where creativity, craft, innovation and originality in design communications have been honored.

Your long-term support and trust have always been our greatest source for achieving new heights at all times.


GenNex Expansion with New Office in Shanghai

With a strong client base in local, Mainland and abroad, GenNex is expanding to stay in close proximity to our clients.  In February 2013, we opened the first office in Shanghai as the first step of our expansion strategy.

Invitation to our Anniversary Celebration and Office Expansion Cocktail Reception

In celebration of our Anniversary and Office Expansion, our Board of Directors requests the honor of your presence at its Anniversary Celebration and Office Expansion Cocktail Reception.

GenNex Plus - Exclusive EMS

Tedious mark-up procedures are a breeze with the aid of the pioneering EMS, proudly and exclusively introduced by GenNex. Now you can easily carry out document revision mark-ups directly onto a drafted proof using our EMS anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye forever to all the hassles of printing and scanning actual documents.