About Us

Established and managed professionally by top industry experts comprising the first generation of pioneers who have continually redefined and shaped the financial printing business landscape in Hong Kong since 1980, GenNex Financial Media Limited is the quintessential synergy of contemporary financial printer and modern media-service provider, leading the industry into the future.
Professional expertise, in-depth experience and advanced know-how are fundamental in our ability to provide custom-tailored integrated account services, unrivalled end-product quality, state-of-the-art production systems and on-time distribution. Our team of top pros is the trusted and respected partner for more than 1,000 major companies in both the public and private sectors from law firms and investment banks to MNCs and NGOs. This experience and trust has made GenNex among the most sought-after financial printers in the business.
At GenNex we specialize in one-stop financial printing solutions from pre-press to post-production services that meet the highest international standards. Our team comprising nearly 200 top industry experts, from typesetting, proofreading and design conceptualization to translation turnaround, account management and document publishing, our professional staff are ready to help successfully guide you through your project to completion. What’s more, cost efficiency is part of our DNA. We maximize every dollar you spend by achieving optimal printing performance that delivers tremendous value at highly competitive rates.